Classroom Learning

We have bright and airy Air Conditioned classrooms with Interactive Whiteboards as a medium to communicate and connect with the students in their own language. Classrooms are carefully prepared learning environments, with opportunities for exploration and use of the senses.

Each classroom is dynamic and meets the changing needs of each student. New materials and concepts are introduced frequently to encourage physical, emotional, and intellectual growth.


K.D International school encourages a love for reading. Our Library not only has a vast range of real books but also quite story telling corners.

Each family has borrowing privileges and there is a large section on parenting topics and information on Montessori philosophies.

Each student, from kindergarten through elementary has their own library card and may borrow books when they come for library time.


K.D International school is very well equipped with state of the art research industry standard laboratory equipment that enable the students to attain the highest level of excellence.

Media Centre

School has collaborated with NIIT to deliver the best of ICT curriculum. The media centre has 30 computers each connected with the internet and equipped with the latest software to help children familiarize the students with the various facets of technology and also nurtures their creativity through continuous exposure to various learning modules.